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Blown insulation is a particular type of insulation that can be installed without removing the walls. How does it work? The insulation contractor drills a hole into the wall and then an insulation hose is attached to the opening and turned on, quickly filling up the space behind the wall. While this sounds imprecise, it is actually a very effective method, so long as it’s being done by a trained professional. This is a great way to install some extra insulation without having to tear the house apart.


In addition to blown in insulation, our insulation company also offers other energy efficient insulation services ranging from attic insulation, radiant barrier insulation, and even soundproof insulation. Here at D.A.H. Insulation Services, we are always centered toward providing you the best residential and commercial insulation services that you can surely rely on. That is why we always keep our team updated on the latest in the insulation industry to ensure you of the quality of work that you hired us for.


If you wish to learn more about our professional blown insulation services, contact us at D.A.H. Insulation Services, in Charlotte, NC.

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